Is Mandarin Simplified or Traditional?


is mandarin simplified or traditional


Is Mandarin simplified or traditional? Why do we ask these questions?


Chinese is spoken differently in different countries.


If you need a Chinese translation, we need to know which specific dialect you need the documents in.


The Chinese language has five main dialectical groups: Mandarin, Yue, Min, Wu and Hakka.


As it is an ancient language, Chinese (Mandarin) is one of the most difficult languages to translate.


An important factor to consider while looking for an English to Chinese or Chinese to English translator is the Chinese writing systems:  Is Mandarin simplified or traditional?


What is spoken and written are not the same – it depends on the area.


In Mainland China and Singapore, Mandarin is the spoken language and people use Simplified Chinese when they write.


In Hong Kong, Cantonese is the predominant dialect while people write in Traditional Chinese.


The exception is Taiwan, where people speak Mandarin and write in Traditional Chinese.


Questions like “Is Mandarin simplified or traditional?” are very important here at TripleTrad Australia and TripleTrad USA.


We care about these specific differences because it is what makes the difference when it comes to choosing translators for specific texts, and ultimately delivering correct translations.


All of our Chinese translations are completed by native-speaking, qualified translators.


We know how hard it can be to find an exceptional Mandarin translator when you need one. That’s where we come in: we give your international business endeavours direction and power, enabling you to be just as effectively overseas as you are locally.


We work as if we were a translation department within your own company, except you don’t need to worry about the hassles of contracting workers or finding professional translators for your business documents.


You only pay per project, with no recurring or monthly fees.


At TripleTrad, we are passionate about helping your business and projects gain publicity and new audiences both locally and internationally.


If you have any questions about our Mandarin translation services, reach out to us at +1 212-203-0301. You can also contact us via live chat. 🙂


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