As of 2021, we have changed the way we work with language professionals:


1) We will no longer be intermediaries for the TripleTrad translation projects. From now on, TripleTrad’s clients will contact you (translation, interpretation, and proofreading professionals) through the Wihup platform.


2) The TripleTrad clients that need translators will be directed to the Wihup platform, where all of the translation professionals (who decide to create a profile on Wihup) will be found.


3) The good news is that you will be able to create your professional profile on Wihup and take the projects directly from TripleTrad clients, without intermediaries or sales commissions, and it will only be you and the client. We want to contribute to a world that is ever more agile, free, and dynamic! We have had over 60 000 visits in the last year and TripleTrad is located in the first positions on Google for some keywords. 🙂


4) As we cannot use your personal information, only you can create your profile on Wihup to increase your client base. Join Wihup in as many categories and languages as you desire. This will make it easier for clients to find you! ❤️


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