This project is now closed. If you wish to apply as a freelance translator for further projects, please upload your CV here.

Research Project - Multiple Languages



TripleTrad has been seeking professional & native translators of specific languages to perform internet searches related to specific keywords.


The main goal is to find out what has been published across the internet - either positive or negative citations and references - about a specific company, brand, or product.


Short-term Job Description


We need native speakers of a specific set of languages (you can check the list below) to:


1) Read articles throughout the internet in your native language;
2) Select the most relevant articles (according to project goals);
3) Write a small report in English of about 2 or 3 paragraphs decribing relevant findings.


Articles may also be found through a) relevant keywords to be provided by TripleTrad and its partners (our partners may ask you specific questions or add specific keywords for your research along the way); or b) DOCX files to be provided by TripleTrad.


What is the language requirement for this project?


We are looking for linguists with an advanced level of English. They must also be native speakers of one of the following languages:


- Albanian;
- Armenian;
- Azerbaijani (Azeri);
- Croatian;
- Czech;
- Estonian;
- Irish;
- Latvian;
- Macedonian;
- Maltese;
- Persian (Farsi); or
- Slovenian.


How long would linguists take to perform and deliver their reports?


Linguists should deliver their work in no more than 45 hours, or around 3 business days. Specific details on project delivery and dates shall be ruled by a digital contract to be signed by the parties.


Payment Options


Payments shall be performed through PayPal, Payoneer, or Direct Bank Transfer (for specific countries). As this project is still under negotiation with our client (unconfirmed status), we invite you to express your interest, as well as your quote (in USD).


You can express your interest in this project by filling in the form below. We may contact you if the project is confirmed.

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